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Monday, October 17, 2011

True Life: I'm a college student.

Hey there!

Number one: I'm ready to be done with school. I'm SO over witchy *ehm* teachers.

Number two: my search for grad schools has begun. Goodness, I'm ready to be done. The only thing getting me through is the thought of what I will be doing and the pay check. Hey, that may be terrible, but I do love the finer things in life. But, in all seriousness, I am so blessed to have picked a profession that will allow me to better someone's quality of life.
I absolutely love Speech Pathology.
I've changed majors 7 times. This one feels right.

Number three: This weekend, I attended church here in Columbus. I went to First Baptist Columbus and I really liked it. It has been a long time since I've been to church so, walking in to a place where I've never been, not knowing anyone, and having not been to church in years, it was a bit daunting.... But, I really enjoyed it. The service was very contemporary and was what I needed. I'm going to the college and career class tomorrow night and I'm super nervous about it. But also super excited about it. I haven't met many people at all since I've started school, so hopefully maybe I'll make some friends.

Number four:Pinterest is my new obsession. If you don't have a Pinterest, I'd gladly invite you! Everyone should have one. Just send me your email address and I'll hook you up! I have a wedding board entitled "Best Day of my Life" for my future marital blowout, I have a shoe board entitled
"I <3 cute shoes." because we allll know how much I love shoes, I have a future home board entitled "Swanky Home Ideas" so when that time does come, I'll know exactly what I want, I have a board that is titled "I NEED THIS!" and it's basically everything I see that my heart desires, I have a "Caitlyn's Crafty Crafts" which is exactly what the title says... Can I get my Masters Degree in Pinterest?!?!?! Heck, I'd be top of the class.
(We all see where my passion is, don't we? haha....)

Number five:
As a few of you know, I will be going through some serious changes within the next few months. So, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated as I move forward with my life.
You know, I could sit here and complain about how my life is terrible and question why I was cursed with PTC and all...but in reality, there is ALWAYS someone else who is worse off than you. Even in the worse of my sickness, the spinal tap that I thought was gonna kill me, the endless doctors appointments, the mounds of medicine I take daily,there was and IS someone else in the world who is worse off than me. And THAT is a very humbling thing to think.
I am so blessed.

Alright friends... I need to go study.



Lauren said...

Love love!! Agree with everything you say! We are way too blessed. God knows where and what we are doing and he's willing to help us through! Keep the blogging going best!
Love you!

Ashley M. said...

Umm.. I love you, Katy-Lynn!! How many precious memories do we have?!! :) Sooo many!! I'm so thankful we lived together a whole year!! Goodness! You are beautiful, bright, and hilarious!! Keep your head high! I love you!! So blessed to call you FRIEND!!

Love you!!

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