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Monday, June 10, 2013

playing catch-up.

Hi friiiiiiiiiends! I'm an awful blogger. 
Probably the absolute worst. 

6 months worth of craziness. 
It's about to happen.

I hope you still love me. 
my, my, my...
So much to tell, not enough time (or patience) to tell it.

I shall tell my stories from the past 6 months in pitchas if that's alright with you. 
Oh, goodie. 


Let's start with the D.C./NYC trip...

Flew out of Birmingham
 My first flight EVER that we almost missed...
The airplane was starting to roll when we sprinted onto the runway..
Fun times.
 Just landed at Reagan! Fun times ahead!

 Once Emily picked us up and got us settled, we began our full day of sight-seeing...

 And boy, did we see! We were able to see a TON in a short amount of time! 

 Day 2 in D.C.
Church at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. 
So awesome that I can say I have experienced church in D.C.

Shake Shake D.C.
Just like in the movies, y'all. 

 I'm thankful for the iPhone camera. 

This was at about 4 a.m. in D.C.
We are headed to NYC on a bus! Ha!
This was such an experience!!!

 OH, yes. This happened.
 And Mama Noni racked up with a Tiffany's bracelet. 

 NYC Times Square! 

 Love these girls.
And so glad sweet Emily decided to join in our journey to NYC! 
We would NOT have made it home without her! 

 Leaving D.C. early that morning. :(

 We are just jet-setters! Frequent flyers! 
Ha, I wish!

 She was so tired. Bless her heart. 

So, we made it home safe and sound.
What an AWESOME trip. Gosh, I had some much fun. 
We went over Spring Break and got home on Wednesday afternoon. 
I, unfortunately, had to return to work the next day and Lauren went home to rest up for the next week of school. 

So, I go back to work only to be robbed two days later.
Fun. Times. At. The. Bank. 
P.S.-everyone is ok. 

Continuing on...

sneaky sneaky...
 We decided to visit with Vaught H. one night...

 And then, I got to visit Oxford in the middle of the week! 
Talk about a happy girl! 
Look at those tulips on The Square!

 Then, The Grove Bowl...

My partner in crime, Elle Pea. 
Got kicked off of the field thanks to her.  
This would be why.

And here comes the extremely obnoxious #OOTD's....
If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is my faveeeee thing to do! 

 I limited myself to only a few... :)

I also obtained my Bachelors degree!!!!!
College graduate right hurrrrrrrr!
It feels so good to be done. 
For a little while, at least. ;)

 So, this is hilarious. 
The day before graduation, I'm talking 14 hours before I am to receive my diploma and take millions of pictures, this idiot decided it would be an awesome idea to get lash extensions. 

Oh yes. You read that right.
Lash Extensions. 

So, it's Friday...
5:30 p.m....
I just got off of work...
I was considering getting it done but I hadn't completely made up my mind about it. 
But that day, I just went. Didn't even consider the consequences.
Such. An. Idiot.

So, I go to this hair shop (barber shop is the more accurate term) in COLUMBUS MS. 
(it was like I walked into a Madea movie)

Now, I know it probably super humorous to see this white girl walk into a barber shop for lash extensions but these people were not even TRYING to hide their laughter.
I went with it. 
 And this happened...

 Y'all. I couldn't see out of my eyes. 
It was sad. I do not know how people do it. 
Sooooo.... 2 hours later I'm at Sally's buying glue remover. 
Cussing myself all the way home.

Graduation Day!!
I look like a toddler according to the person who walked behind me at graduation!

That was such a crazy blessing of a day.

Now check out my awesome grad gifts.

 Oh, Mr. Kors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just really in love with this whole tank thing that is "in" right now.

Baby Brother graduated. 

My sister.
 Look at this hot mess! makes me laugh.

Favorite place. 

Here we go. 
If you do not know this by now, I love airplanes. 
It's more of an obsession.  
So, when a friend offered to take me up, 
I know. I couldn't. 
my house. AHH!
 BAHHH!!! I want to go again!
So much fun!
 Jelly, right?
Should be.

Let the wedding season begin....
First up, Nicholas and Hannah. 
Beeeeeeyonnnnnd precious. 

 Love this sweet friend.

Sunday night mexican with The Best!
Before we each drive an hour and a half in opposite directions, we have supper at our faveeeee Mexico.  
Thankful for this girl.

This sweet boy turned 1 this weekend!
Happy Birthday, B!

Wedding #2.
Will and Ashley. 
 Sweet grooms-maid.
Amy K.

Danced the night away with my girls! 
 The BEST reception I've ever been to.
All of the weddings I have left this summer are going to have a hard time living up to this one.

 That's about it...
Oh, except for...
I'm still living in Columbus.
Working at Tha Bank. 
Praying and applying for jobs back home. 
And I beg and covet your prayers. 
This recent grad is ready to be back in NoMis. 

Soooo...if you know of anything, email me, facebook me, snapchat me...

peace and blessings.


p.s.-entirely new blog coming soon. 
because I am no longer a diva in college.

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