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Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Today, I leave my best friend. Oh, how I've enjoyed visiting with her these past 2 days...

Today, I am stressed about my future. I look around and things aren't happening like I would like.

Today, my heart jumps at the thought of moving to Columbus. Away from my family, away from my friends, away from everything I've always known.

Today, I'm feeling bittersweet towards the future. Scared, nervous but excited and ready.

Today, I do not understand somethings in my life. But, am I supposed to understand everything?

Today, Facebook has gotten the better of me and essentially, I have "stalked" too much.

Today, I am realizing the "newness" that is about to overcome me. And, I'm scared.

Oh, today... Please be nice to me.



Alyssa said...

Girl, today has been beating me up lately too! Moving away, leaving family & all my bffs for people I haven't met's scary! But I've learned over the years that usually the times I take the biggest steps out of my comfort zone have been the times God hugged me up the best. I'm hoping He'll do it again this time, and I hope He'll do it for you too! Good luck!

Lauren said...

I love this blog AND your new design! Hello, it looks amazing! Thank you so much for coming to visit me for an extended visit! Come back soon! I just love friends like you!
Alyssa, you are right. God is going to hug Caitlyn up and we know he has such bright days ahead. Love you, Best! :)

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