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Friday, August 10, 2012

iPhone dump!

Long time, NO see!
Here's a little overview of what's been happenin'...

Beach! With my fabulous family.
 My Best came to visit me in Columbus a few weeks ago.... Oh, the fun we had! Columbus will never be the same..
We stayed up all night and watched the sun rise. T'was a fun, fun time. Love when she visits me!
I wish these pictures would come out in order.
LOVE  LOVE LOVEEEE my baby brother. Can't believe he's a senior! ahhh!
Love my sibs.
Oh, goodness. So, mama had knee surgery on Tuesday of this week. And take my word for it, it has been a doozie. SOOOOOOO glad she's feeling a little better. :)
Pinterest find. New fav. SNL skit.
Heaven. Oh, sweet heaven. And loaded with about 7,567,891 calories.
I want to be back! I miss the beach.
Just call me Nurse Caitlyn.
My tan has already faded. How sad is this?!
LifeProof case: well worth it's $80(even though I didn't pay 80-whooo hooo ebay).
It was a great thing to have while at the beach.