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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

confessions of a lonely diva.

Oh, hey there.

I am not my normal, peppy self today. I need to vent. 

This whole, living-the-single-girl, college-student life here in Columbus? 
Yeah, I'm over it. 

NEVER MORE THAN THIS EXACT MOMENT have I ever been more ready to be home. 

Home, as in, Pontotoc.
Home, as in, with my mama and brother and sister and my Lexie girl. 
Home, as in, friends and company. 
Home, as in, comfort. 

So, this has been going on for a while now. I have been feeling the effects of this long distance relationship I've got going on. 
But here recently, it has really hit me hard. And I have several possibilities as to why that might be.
Would you like to hear?

Oh, good. 

1. My co-workers do not like me. I'm talking, DO NOT like me. Probably wouldn't throw water on me if I was on fire. I have several clues as to why this is, but none of them warrant the treatment I receive from them. Since when does showing initiative make somebody the scum of the earth?
Since I came along, that's when. 

2.Friends make your world a better place. It's just a fact of life. Living here in Columbus, I have next to no friends here. (Notice I said next to none, Julianna.)
That is not fun. I get off work, go to Kroger or Dirt Cheap (ha) and then I go back to my apartment. 
Repeat Monday-Friday. 
I LIVE for 5:30 on Friday afternoon. 

3.My mama makes everything better. I know, I'm ridiculous. I'm 22 years old. I'm a grown woman!
 But it's too true. 
When I try to cook in my apartment, nothing tastes as good as when I'm home. I know, weird.
But true. 
Crackers even taste better at home. 
There is also a constant feeling of security at home. 
In Columbus, not so much.

Let me just say, Columbus holds a whoooolllleeeee different type of , ahem, "characters" than NoMis. 

Being someone who is NOT from here, I know NO ONE.
Today, a man struts up to my window and says to me,
  "I need some money out my 'count." 
And when asked for an I.D., he pitched a fit. A full-out tantrum, just like a 3 year old.  
I missed the part where my job description said "mind reader". 
This is a daily occurrence.  

Come graduation (and a new job), I will be gracing NoMis with my full-time presence again!  
Say a prayer that a job opens up soon!!!!
peace and blessin's.