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Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenege: Day 4 -"My Parents"

Hello Everyone!
I honestly can't believe I have actually followed through with this challenge! Of course, it is only day 4....haha

Day 4- My parents

These are my parents. And I love them both very, very, very much.
My parents are divorced so, I dont really have many pictures of us together. But, these will suffice.

Both of them are very special to my heart and I'm glad I got to do an entire blog on just them. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenege: Day 3 "My First Love'

Day 3
My First Love
Hmm..... Love. What a strange word.
It can be a word used for good.
It also can be used in a bad way.
I feel, sometimes, Love gets put on the back burner in our everyday lives.
Love is used to describe happy and romantic and sweet emotions.
Love is also used as a middle man and is abused. Such as relationships that are going wrong, the phrase, "It's not you, It's me. I love you too much to hurt you".
blah, blah, blah.
Well, I personally haven't found my "First Love" yet. He, whoever "he" is, hasn't reveled himself to me. And I am learning DAILY to accept God's timing in this situation.
This is a very tender, sweet topic for me. As well as many of my close friends. There is a small group of us who are all in the same boat with the "boyfriend-will-come-in-God's-sweet-timing" situation.
We all are struggling with wrapping our minds around "God's Timing" and "God's best for us". But somehow, we learn to accept it.
But that still doesn't stop me from dreaming. And boy, does my mind wander...
Of course I've had my fair share of crushes and thinking that I was in love with these boys.
Gosh, the entire time I was in middle school, I had a HUGE crush on this one boy. And I thought I really loved him. I was just infatuated with him. Everything revolved around him. I just remember how devastated I was when he confronted me and told me that he didn't feel the same. I honestly thought my world was crumbling.
How young and naive I was.
I pray daily, sometimes even hourly, for God to send him to me.
And I just have faith that he will when it's my time.

30 Day Blog Challenege: Day 2

Hello bloggers!
I apologize for not blogging yesterday, but I will make it up. :)
30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2
"Explain your blog title."
Well, The Diva Life in College is the complete essence of ME. I am a DIVA and I LOVE being a Diva. ha ha. :)
I'm just kidding. The Diva Life in College was originally meant to be a memoir of my life while I'm in college. I'm in my 3rd year so far, and I'm not doing a great job of sharing my life on here.
As a full-time college student, I have a lot of decisions to make and some are coming really soon. :/
But, this blog was just meant to keep all of my stalkers up-to-date on my life.
Stalkers that include: my family that live far away, family who live really close, and nosey people. I don't care. :)
Any who, THIS is The Diva Life in College.
I hope you enjoy.
Have a great day! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenege: Day 1

Day 1.

This is the very beginning of my Blog challenge and I hope to get some special lesson from it.

Such as: Don't procastinate or you will be a failure. Something ballin' like that.

Day 1 is just gonna be about me introducing myself and all of that jazz.

First off, My name is Caitlyn. I am 20 years old and a Super Sophomore at Itawamba Community College. (yay.)
I am ready to leave the great town of Fulton.
I am a Christian, although I struggle daily with my walk.
I LOVE THEATRE. I am a huge theatre nerd.
I am a Speech Pathology major and will transfer to Ole Miss in the fall.
My hair is HUGE. Like, abnormally large. Its big and curly. And I LOVE it.

Well, this is me. And I cannot wait to dive right into the challenge!

See you tomorrow! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010




I am terrible at updating but I read others all the time. :P

My life has been crazy lately. And when I say crazy, I mean, i haven't even had time to breathe in like, 2 months.


Lets go through my activities:

I am enrolled in 19 hours at school, which is considered full-time.

I work 7 days a week.

I have 3 jobs.

1.Piggly Wiggly, only on saturday and sunday.

2.Tupelo Neurology Clinic, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

3. And I'm an R.A. in the brand spankin' new dorm. Which is, no lie, 24/7. ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Between girls going missing or girls knocking at my door at 3 A.M. because their roommate has alcohol poisoning, its a huge responsibility.

I work 40+ hours a week. And I'm in school full time.

I am also in the Dinner Theatre on campus this semester.

I am trying to figure out my life. (MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER.)

Trying not to fail my classes.

Juggling family and friends.

I am always exhausted.

So, please excuse me for not blogging often.

Anyway, to leave you with a happy thought.....

Happy Halloween from Itawamba 328! :)