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Saturday, October 2, 2010




I am terrible at updating but I read others all the time. :P

My life has been crazy lately. And when I say crazy, I mean, i haven't even had time to breathe in like, 2 months.


Lets go through my activities:

I am enrolled in 19 hours at school, which is considered full-time.

I work 7 days a week.

I have 3 jobs.

1.Piggly Wiggly, only on saturday and sunday.

2.Tupelo Neurology Clinic, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

3. And I'm an R.A. in the brand spankin' new dorm. Which is, no lie, 24/7. ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Between girls going missing or girls knocking at my door at 3 A.M. because their roommate has alcohol poisoning, its a huge responsibility.

I work 40+ hours a week. And I'm in school full time.

I am also in the Dinner Theatre on campus this semester.

I am trying to figure out my life. (MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER.)

Trying not to fail my classes.

Juggling family and friends.

I am always exhausted.

So, please excuse me for not blogging often.

Anyway, to leave you with a happy thought.....

Happy Halloween from Itawamba 328! :)



anm_2006 said...

you are so fun and adorable!
I LOVE your new blog look and that picture!! :)
i miss you!
Hang in there. enjoy every second!
love you!

Lp said...

Love the blog! andd.... that you have a picture of harper up there.
Love the halloween decor. You are precious!

Love you!

Ashley Grant said...

so glad you blogged. i know how you feel girl. i am so busy. it sucks. btw love the decorations. don't be stressed about trying to figure out life right now. for some reason we think we have to it all figured out by the time we are 21 and i'm starting to realize (with the help of some very special people) that this is not the case. imagine that. ha! hope you have a great week. love ya!

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