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Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello friends. :)
Don't hate me, I'm sorry I haven't blogged!
This blog is devoted to memories.
I don't know if I'm the only one that associates certain things with different people. And sometimes when you see this particular thing, the memories come flooding back. Well, I have felt this feeling alot and especially here lately. Just certain things that I see or smell, or touch or read, it reminds me of a memory. Its just crazy to me that something so simple as a color or a smell can make all of these emotions come running back.
Some of them not so welcome....
You know, the ones dealing with this boy you really, really liked and just the smell of where you were when this was all going on. Or colors. Or a really funny story that you told your friends and laughed until you cried. The smell of the air, if it was summer or fall.... I associate the color turquoise with my parents divorce because my bathroom in our old house was turquoise. (I'm telling y'all...I'm weird) OH! And when you have an embarrassing moment and you remember the smell. Gosh, I could go on and on.....
But, it is so awesome to me to think that a simple smell or whatever can take you back to a place where you can remember, and often times enjoy the people or the place in your memories.
Now, these are some simple, short things that jog my memory daily.
(And often times, taunt.) ha ha.
-the color midnight blue
-the beach
-the color black
-chicken spaghetti
-the color red
-chocolate chip cookies
-New Orleans, LA
-the sound of cereal being poured
-the song "Grillz"
-fresh air
Gosh, I have SOOO many, but some I just cannot put on here! ha ha....
TOO embarrassing.
I hope you all read this and it brings back memories to you!