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Monday, August 29, 2011


Do you hate me?

I'm sorry, I'm just not very good at this "blog" thing...

I apologize.

Welllllllll, since it's been a while since I've updated, I guess I should fill you in on life from my end.

I've started "Big Girl" school.

I'm at MUW studying Speech Pathology.

It's only made me cry once so far.

But, seriously. It's hard. I'm not even gonna lie.

I miss ICC like crazy. Not only the people, but the ridiculously easy classes...

ICC people, prepare. "Big" school is hard!

I pray I make it though the next 4 years.

I have my first test this Thursday. It is in Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing. I'm not ashamed to ask for prayers. Because I will need it. It's one of the hardest classes in the program. (supposedly)

Let's see...

What else has been happening...

-I've moved into my new apartment with my two new roommates. So far, it's going swell. Nothing too terrible has happened... :)

-I'm slowly exploring Columbus... It's definitely not Pontotoc. Or Fulton.

-I've made new friends who have the exact same emotions towards the SLP program as I do. And I am so thankful I have people to vent to. Oh so thankful.

-I recently turned 21! That's right. I'm legal now. ;)

-Adele is my favorite artist right now. Don't ask me why, but I'm obsessed with her. When I've had a really stressful day at school, you can find me in my room, blaring some Adele.

-As some of you already know, in the last few weeks, a lot of "firsts" have happened. And I am so so SO excited about it. That's all I want to say right now. Maybe there will be a blog about it soon. :)

-And saving the best for last, I received an excellent Dr.'s report on my pseudo tumor issues! PTL!

Well, I really need to get back to studying.