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Friday, July 2, 2010

bloggin'. :)

Hellllloooooo Bloggers! :)

It's about dang time I blog! I finally have time!

You see, it's been pretty busy around here lately.

I'm in summer school, which is TERRIBLE. I do NOT recommend it to ANYONE. It's pure torture. But, it has to be done. But I did come out of my two june classes with B's. :)

pretty pumped about that. Now, to do that for my July classes...haha

I changed my major....again. It was elementary ed, then special ed, now its Speech Pathology. And I am so so sooooo excited about it. Can we pray that Caitlyn can tough it out for 6 more years of school? prayers are greatly appreciated. :)

Life around my house has been, well, different. You see, my mom is dating this man. He's really nice and all, its just changed her, ALOT. im just trying to DEAL. you know?

I move back into school in like, one month. I've never been more excited. :) although, im ready to say GOODBYE forever Itawamba Community College. You've been great, but its time to move on. Gosh, I dream of that day..... Then I can say, "HOTTY TODDY!". oh what a great day that will be. :D

Now, im gunna be more serious, k? k.

You know, God has really laid on my heart of what a woman should be and the characteristics she should have. I've been reading Captivating and it has really opened my eyes to alot of things. Women are supposed to be romance and chased after and in this society, today, that so often does not happen. A little girl's heart is molded by Cinderella and Snow White to yearn for Prince Charming. But all the while, God is the one who put that desire in girl's hearts. And the man is supposed to want to be our Prince Charming but SO SO often, he falls SO short. And he disappoints us and crushes our hearts. Guys, I want to be "woo'd". I want to be fought for and needed by you. I think I can say this goes for most girls I know. Some of my close friends and I are struggling with the same things, finding our "soul mate" and settling down with him. We are just being patient and waiting. Because we know if we do, the better it will be. :)

well, thats my post. i hope you enjoyed. :)
meet Harper. shes my Goddog. I love her so so soooo much. :)