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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stress Management 101.

Hello sweet friends!

Happy Thursday!
I feel that's all I live for these days...

So, brief overview of life of the Party Girls in D-40...

We are both college seniors-graduating in May.

She's engaged. I'm single.

We both have to-do lists miles and miles and miles and miles long.
But yet find stupid excuses to put them off until the next day. 
Example: It's an abnormally warm day in October. It would be a shame to waste it inside. So, we sit on our deck and talk. And plan her wedding. And talk. Until it's 6:30 and we are like, what just happened?!
We get our work done! That's all that matters. 

We enjoy good food. And wine. 

We loveeee Sunday Night TLC. 

We are pretty much amazing. You wish you were us. 

Especially after I show you these videos. 

Video #1. The one that started it all...
 So. Much. Fun. They are such THUGZ. And I am SO not.

Video #2. Got a little carried away...
Love my backup singers.

And Video#3. TOO much fun.

This is how WE relieve stress. They say laughter is the best medicine? 
Totally true.
This senior year is shaping up to be quite the memorable one. 
 Can't wait to see what else it holds! 

Here's some pictures from our super fun video set.




Tammy Grace said...

ADORABLY HILARIOUS!!!! I needed a laugh today!!!! As they say in Maine "That's too stinkin' cute" or better yet "That's wicked awesome!"

caitlyn said...

I'm glad it gave you a good laugh! I still die when I watch them!

Lauren said...

You should totally play this at their wedding! I LOVE them! :)

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