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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

iPhone dump!

Okay, okay... No judgement.
I'm terrible at blogging.
I promise I'll get better.
I have a lot to catch you all up on but I just don't feel like drafting that novel right now. :-)
One day, my friends.

Also, I apologize if this blog is formatted odd. I'm on the Blogger app on my iPhone. First time to use this app!

Okay. iPhone dump.

Baby brother went to PROM! T'was a sad, sad day...
This just makes me laugh. Hard.
"I'd Cap That" app... Too funny.
I NEED THIS PURSE MORE THAN OXYGEN. I'm not being dramatic at all.
Precious, precious puppies.
Someone has been busy today.... Mr. World Traveler.
Oh, okay.



Okay, first iPhone dump! Hope I didn't fail! :)
Goodnight, friends!