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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Bucket List

I know, I know.
I promised to blog often but this semester is CRAY-ZAY! Whew. I am taking 24 hours of classes and working 3 jobs. Its alot. But I've gotta do it.
I am just taking a quick break from homework to blog. Frankly, I needed this release of emotions because I have so many...ha ha.
My Bucket List
1. learn how to say "hello" in 20 different languages.
2. Write a song.
3. Visit The Taj Mahal
4. Go to Disney World! (I've never been)
5. Get my Masters in Speech Pathology. (This WILL happen)
6. Be in a Broadway show, on Broadway. :)
7. Meet the man God made for me.
8. Have a boy and a girl.
9. Spend a month in Greece.
10. Visit Italy, China, Paris, Moscow, Australia, Alaska, The Bahamas, Ireland, Spain, Israel and Rome with my future husband.
11. Buy a brand spankin' new car.
12. Own a beach house.
13. Be someone people look up to.
14. Be at Times Square on New Years Eve.
15. Celebrate Christmas on the beach.
16. Learn how to Jai-Ho.
17. Be in a acapella group.
18. Dye my hair Blonde.
19. Finish graduate school with a 4.0.
20. Be a VH1 "you outta know" artist.
21. Own SOMETHING Chanel. ha ha...
22. Learn how to manage my crazy curly hair.
23. Be a Great Mother.
Well, this is My Bucket List.
Thank you for reading my "procrastination from doing homework" list.