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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Lovin' WEDNESDAY!


I'm blogging twice within one week! 
Told y'all I'd try to do better!


Today is...
And on this lovely Wednesday, I am loving...

Chocolate Milk, white milk. 
 (Sippin' this-The absolute best chocolate milk around)
You know, pretty much any kind of milk.
Super strange. I'm well aware. 

 Um, I need to go to where ever this lovely view is. 
Pronto, Squanto. 

-Can I have THIS?
Just call me Sassy.

-And if this doesn't scream Caitlyn, you are crazy. 
I mean, I am the girl who has pretty much everything monogrammed. 
-I love a good monogrammed anything. ha. 

Now, what are YOU lovin' on this fabulous Wednesday?

 Now for TRUTH.
Real life.
My blog needs a makeover. 
I would take her to MAC if they did that sort of thing. But they don't. 
Already checked. 
And I would do it myself if I wasn't soooooo completely confused about how to change everything.
(Confession: my biggest fear is that I would change something accidentally and it would never get back to the same.)

I want it to be whimsical and young and...ME. 
And right now, it is totally not me. 
And I feel like if I loved my blog, it would motivate me to blog more.  
Suggestions on how? 
I'd pretty much give someone my password to do it for me. 
I wish I were kidding. 
Holla at ya girl if you're up for it!

Almost Friday, friends!


Lauren said...

I wish I loved Milk. :)

and.... we have to start planning our NYC/DC Trip! I love your blog and you'll figure out the design! You know I'm changing mine every 10 days.

peace and blessins

caitlyn said...

I get so excited when I see that someone has commented on my blog. Makes me feel special.

Peace an blessin's.

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