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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I hope everyone is doing grand.

While I write this, I can hear my roommate in the living room, swoon over her "new man".

"You're wonderful-er, and sweet...." blah, blah, blah.



When people ask me how school is going, I usually say...

"It's going well. It's pretty challenging, but I really enjoy it."...

That's on a good day...

The Truth?

School is hard. I cry almost everyday from the pressure and the competition in this program.

It's cut throat. You're swimming with sharks.

You think I'm kidding?

ha. no, I'm not.

Elementary Education is starting to look better and better as the weeks go on...

But, let me just say, I love my major. LOVE IT. I love the material, I love the clients, I LOVE
observations, I love it all.
That's what is keeping me going and studying and sacrificing life;

to work with these people who need my help because they cannot communicate their needs.

Gosh, I can't wait to have my degree.

This is what I'm living for:

“…a career in speech-language pathology challenges you to use your intellect (the talents of your mind) in combination with your humanity (the gifts in your heart) to do meaningful work that feeds your soul… I am proud to be a member of what I consider to be the best profession on earth.”

I'm ready to be done so I can do my job.
In time, in time...

Switching gears....

I was invited to attend a "panty party" for my friend, Ashley McGee, who is getting married
veryyyyyyy soon! AHH! We met up at Ash's house and had a wonderful time visiting and laughing at
the crazy gifts she received. It was definitely a fun, fun night....

I am so happy for this sweet girl. It's crazy to think that just 3 years ago, I was a freshman and she
was a super-sophomore showing me the ropes of ICC....Crazy how time flies!

Being around all of my friends whom I don't see very much, it made me realize how different I am
now that what I was 3 years ago... I am a totally, completely changed person. People who I
graduated high school with are graduating this year from college and going to work. How crazy is
that?! They are in serious relationships and getting engaged and married. Change is happening all
around me.

This weekend has been an eye opening one for me.

I apologize for the awkward spacing... My blog is acting weird and I can't correct it. :(

I hope y'all have a wonderful week.



Lauren said...

love this blog and that is perfectly okay that you didn't call me back! We'll talk tomorrow. BTW: Elementary Education is kicking my tail right now sooo be careful what you wish for. God has all of these wonderful plans already decided for you! Take it easy and don't worry about the competition!


Amy said...

You can do this! Don't be discouraged. It's oh so hard, and you're right, it's ALL about competition... at this point. But in grad school the competition is over and you're all just helping each other survive.

PS- the Elem Ed line made me LOL. That's actually a running joke in the world of SLP. Your professors will even bring it up.

Peggy said...

Hey Caitlyn, you hang in there. From my personal experience with SLP persons, y'all are the most kind, loving, encouraging and patient people I have ever run across in the medical fields. I have seen them get so excited over what I thought was a small goal, and was told that no goal is small when you are working as hard as the patient works to achieve that goal. You will be great at this.

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