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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hey Friends.

Today's blog is a special one. 

There are many, many things that I am thankful for. 
More than I could even name on this blog. 
Of course, some things more than others. 
And some are just lovely conveniences.

But there is one thing that I am more than thankful for. 
It's my well being and a part of my soul.

My eyes.

I know- y'all were expecting something like, "my freedom to vote", yada yada, blahhhh...(because it's election day. Yeah, I'm not that excited about this whole election thing. 
I VOTED. But, I'm still not in love with either of the candidates. Let's not go there..)

Bringing it back in...

Every Sunday that rolls around, I must drive that awful, awful drive back to Columbus from Pontotoc. 
1.5 hours. 
Simply because there is nothing but rolling hills and cows. 
So serious. 
Anyway, I always drive back before the sun sets because
#1: I hate to drive at night,
#2: I'm petrified of hitting a deer, and
#3: because I don't want to walk into my apartment at night time because I know there will be no light on.
I'm basically a huge chicken. 
So, I usually leave P-Town around 5 o'clockish... Well, 4 o'clockish now because of the time change.
That means that I am driving during the most gorgeous time of day. 

(one of the many pictures I have of these Sunday afternoons. So marvelous.)

This past Sunday, I was so stunned by the breathtaking portrait that was painted for me.
My words are failing to describe to you the beauty of these sunsets. 
I wish each of you could be with me as I'm witnessing these spectacular works of art change before my eyes. 

My eyes. 

As I am seeing this huge painting span across the autumn sky, the thought crosses my mind, 
"I can see this. I am so blessed. Thank you, Lord." 
And it hits me.  
Only a year and half ago, my sight was almost completely gone.
Adios, vision!
I almost lost it because of PTC. 
I remember telling my Best at that time how I wanted to see my children one day, how I wanted to travel this beautiful world, how I wanted to SEE LIFE. 
I appreciate my eyes. 
I think mostly because I know what it's like to not have the luxury of sight.

(my favorite place in the world. so perfect.)
We recently had a discussion in class about spirituality vs. religion.
I, myself, think that I am a much more spiritual person than I am religious.
I find myself to be more in tune with my self in nature and seeing acts of nature.
Sunset, sunrise, whilst snowing... You get the gist.

Sunsets and such make me reflect on myself. 
Reflection helps me to improve within myself; helps me to identify the good and the things that need work.
It's like a wa
ke-up call telling me I'm not the only person in the world... 
That I'm a part of something much bigger than myself.
 Much, much bigger.
And y'all, I am so thankful for that. 
I find myself, more and more each day, thankful for knowing that there is something bigger than myself in control of this crazy, crazy place. 
Don't think I've gone all liberal crazy and lost my religion.
I haven't. 
It's just being modified to me and what I believe. 

I just thought it was amazing that these perfectly placed paintings have helped me to grow and evolve into a different person. Hopefully, a BETTER person. 

I found this quote today: 

My mountain is waiting.



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