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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Bucket List

I know, I know.
I promised to blog often but this semester is CRAY-ZAY! Whew. I am taking 24 hours of classes and working 3 jobs. Its alot. But I've gotta do it.
I am just taking a quick break from homework to blog. Frankly, I needed this release of emotions because I have so many...ha ha.
My Bucket List
1. learn how to say "hello" in 20 different languages.
2. Write a song.
3. Visit The Taj Mahal
4. Go to Disney World! (I've never been)
5. Get my Masters in Speech Pathology. (This WILL happen)
6. Be in a Broadway show, on Broadway. :)
7. Meet the man God made for me.
8. Have a boy and a girl.
9. Spend a month in Greece.
10. Visit Italy, China, Paris, Moscow, Australia, Alaska, The Bahamas, Ireland, Spain, Israel and Rome with my future husband.
11. Buy a brand spankin' new car.
12. Own a beach house.
13. Be someone people look up to.
14. Be at Times Square on New Years Eve.
15. Celebrate Christmas on the beach.
16. Learn how to Jai-Ho.
17. Be in a acapella group.
18. Dye my hair Blonde.
19. Finish graduate school with a 4.0.
20. Be a VH1 "you outta know" artist.
21. Own SOMETHING Chanel. ha ha...
22. Learn how to manage my crazy curly hair.
23. Be a Great Mother.
Well, this is My Bucket List.
Thank you for reading my "procrastination from doing homework" list.


Aunt Kim said...

love this RoseBud!!!!! My favorite Diva!!!!

Lp said...

Love it! I also love that background! That's what I had a couple of weeks ago! God has big plans! We just have to be patient. Love the blog world! :)
See you soon!

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