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Monday, March 22, 2010

11 Randoms. :)

11 Random Facts about me and my life :)
1. I really, really enjoy singing along with Whitney Houston in my car. It's like, my favorite thing to do.
2. I have at least 3 more years of college left. And that makes me want to cry.
3. I plan my wedding in my spare time. Wedding magazines are my favorite magazines. Mississippi Brides, to be exact. I dissect every person that's in that magazine.
4. This June, I will be employed at Piggly Wiggly for 5 years. :/
5. Legally Blonde is my favorite movie. I sometimes wish I were Elle Woods.
6. This past week, I purchased some Ed Hardy perfume and just realized that the bottle says E. Harley.... Thats why it was $25....
7. I dont watch LOST. Ive never seen one episode.
8. I hate that music is being cut from schools. It really makes me upset. Children need music just was much, if not more than math or science. Music helps develop their little brains. :)
10. kwim? ktnx.
11. My favorite color is pink, of course.
hope you all had a great day!!! :)


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