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Friday, January 25, 2013

Catch-Up with Caitlyn.

SHOUT OUT to a crazy busy life! (And which I am oh so thankful.)

Hello friends. 
Long time, no see, eh? 
Well, I'm back. Hopefully this time I'll really get serious about this blogging thing. I really do love it. 

So, I have a ton to share. But I think I'd rather tell my stories through pictures. 
Will you allow me? 
Oh, you're just grand. 

Let's go!

Ole Miss Games. 
OH, what a WONDERFUL season!!!! Definitely a highlight of 2012. 
 This picture was at............ The Vandy Game? I think so. 
YES! The last 5 minutes stole the show. T'was not a good night. We were really pissed in this picture. I know we don't look like it because we are angels. Duh.

 And commence Egg Bowl pictures...
She was pretty excited.

 It was really, really cold. I'm talking, SUPAH cold. Brrr!

Our BFF Bo Wallace. 
We love him. 
He loves us. 
Life is good.

Grovin' with Landon

Andddddd our tickets were right in the middle of State fans. 

Look who I found! We still love each other after that beating of a game. :)

Frrrrrreezing in the stadium. 

And Ole Miss wins the Egg Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

 Oh, and this video is a rare gem. You're welcome.

 So, after all of the Egg Bowl excitement, I started my new job.
I'm still adjusting and deciding how I like it.
I smile a ton, I multitask like a champ, and I can recite to you
Mr. Such-And-Such's
last deposit without even looking it up. 
I'm pretty much a machine. {haha.}

One of my first days on the job, trying to send my mom a picture to ask if I look okay and I SNEEZE.
I'm a real catch, guys.  

Spent some wonderful time with these two ladies! So much fun!

 Favorite Christmas gift. IN. LOVE. 

So, with this new job and all, I get to dress up every day. I absolutely love that aspect of my job. I love that I get to wear my heels, jewerly, and cute clothes every day. 
I mean, I really do love that part. 
And I guess I feel like I need to share how utterly cute I am somedays. 
Because I am the youngest at my bank.
{Take what you want from that last sentence.}
Hence my crazy #OOTD pictures. 

Okay, I could do an entire blog just on these next 5 pictures.
I'm pretty sure Lauren and I would be the only ones to appreciate it so I'll save you all from the torture. 
Let's just say.... one night, we acted like we had never been to Oxford.
That's all I will say. I just had to put these on here.

Day 1: Freezing Rain.
Next day, snow. 
4" to be exact.

The school may be closed but your local Cadence Bank is open and ready for business! 

 I had Grinch hair for a solid week.
Like the Grinch's heart on Christmas Day?
Grew 3 sizes? No? Okay. 

Weekend trip to Memphis with Mama for an Apple appointment.
Ended up getting a new phone because her's was cray-cray.  

In love.  

Spent my long holiday weekend with the Best in Southaven! 
Booked our Spring Break flight! 
D.C./NYC here we come!
I'm pretty excited about it.  

This was a fun weekend. 

 So, yeah. 
Taming the beast. 
The struggle is real. 

 Started a new Kettle-Ball workout. T'was a killer. 
 And after:

Yeah. That basically sums it up.

I am still in school. I'm taking all on-line classes. I'll graduate in May with my Bachelors. {whoot!}

Pretty excited about this...I'm about 9 pounds away from have a total weight loss of 100 pounds. When I reach that mark, I'm sure I'll let everyone know. 

Other than that...
I'm just working 38+ hours and doing school work. 
Living the life. 

Stay fun, friends. 



Leslie said...

you make me laugh!!!! You are such a great blogger! So happy to see you back! :)
I feel like there are so many things in this post I wanted to comment about...
like how I'm super jealous of y'all's trip to DC/NYC, say what?! Pack me in your suitcase please!
And I'm like you, I love getting all dolled up for work. It's the best!

Best of luck finishing out your semester, and that's such an accomplishment to lose almost 100 pounds. 5 pounds is an accomplishment in my eyes, so to be close to reaching 100 is incredible. Keep it up girly! You're an inspiration!

caitlyn said...

Leslie B! THANK YOU!! Your blog inspires me to do better! I'll pack you up and you can just go right along with us!
Best of luck to you too! I saw where you were applying for pharmacy school! BLESS YOU. I do look forward to reading about that acceptance letter, though! You rock! Thankful for blog friends!

Anonymous said...

I love you - you are crazy!! Stay that way. R. Kendall

Lauren said...

Where do I even start! You are crazy. I look awful in every picture you posted! ha. 100lbs skinnier. WOO HOO! So proud of you! Blog more often!

Felicia said...

100 pounds- omg how? You need to quit the bank and blog all day! You make me smile!

caitlyn said...

Wish I could blog all day! I need to see sweet baby Jett soon! :)

caitlyn said...

Miss you Ruth! We'll come see you soon!

julianna said...

I'm a new reader, but I found your blog awhile back and have actually started blogging too! I'm an SLP undergrad student at th W, and don't even ask me how I found you - BUT I wanted to congratulate you on your 100pds! That's great! How did you do it??? I need to lose weight myself! This is probably a total creeper comment, but whatever. I did it anyway! Feel free to stop by my blog! :)

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