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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The many "firsts" of Caitlyn: 2011 Wrap UP!

Well, this year is almost over! CRAZY how time flies!

I wanted to do my wrap up blog BEFORE January 1st and this is the only time I could.
Close enough, eh?

Well, 2011 has been one for the books. It has had its fair share of events and one one hand, I'm glad to see it go, and on another, I'm sad to see it go.
So, lets start this trip, shall we!

January: I started the MEGA semester with 24 hours of classes and 3 jobs. Whew. It also snowed several times. School was cancelled for the entire week and we were all stranded in Fulton; gosh, I made some memories that week.
Almost breaking my neck sliding down the hill next to the Fine Arts building with Lyndsey and Erin and learning the Jai-Ho with Kelsie, Amber, and Leanna.
Gosh, I miss my ICC days! Life was SO much easier.

February: Nothing too significant to report. Ha.

March: Again, nothing too significant.

April: And the fun begins. The semester was almost over and things were wrapping up. April 27th was a really bad day for alot of people in North Mississippi. This is the day that the tornado hit Smithville, causing extensive damage to the town.
April 27th also just so happened to be the day I was diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor Cerebri. T'was a bad, bad day...
On April 28th, I was rolled into the operating room for the spinal tap from HELL. It was so bad, I remember telling my mama good-bye and begging sweet Jesus to bring me home. Truth.
But, I survived. It took me 10 days to recover to where I could function again.
Thankful doesn't even begin to describe.

May: I was so thankful the 24 hr semester was over. OOH! Words can't describe.
Lauren graduated from Ole Miss and I graduated from ICC on the same day!
I surprised her by coming to her graduation and she surprised me by coming to mine! It was a sweet day.
Summer was here and I was BEYOND ready!
And my good friend Ashley McGee(now Hendrix) got engaged! I will never forget that phone call!
Commence the weekly Dr.'s appointments...

: VACATION TIME! Our annual family vacation to Gulf Shores was here and it was a blessing; something my whole family needed-especially Mama Noni.
Yes, I was the one that was the pin-cushion and all, but she had to be the support. Seeing that I don't have children of my own, I don't know the feeling but the way she describes it, it's a type of love only a mama can have for her children.
The kind of love that would do ANYTHING for her babies. I pray I'm that kind of mom when my time comes.

July: Oh, goodness. This time in my life was full of newness and learning. Lauren, the best, was applying for jobs and being the good friend I am, I went to interviews with her.
We had a fun time making memories while burning up the highway between Jackson, Pontotoc, Oxford and Horn Lake...
I am so thankful for that time.
I also signed my lease in Columbus thinking this I was doing the right thing by going to MUW.
Boy, was I wrong. Ha. I learned my lesson!

August: Out of the 12 months of this year, this month had the most change.
In August, I went on my very first date. Yes, I know what you're thinking. You're 20 and you're just now going on your first date? Yes. And it was great! I'm thankful my "first date" wasn't wasted on just some random Joe while I was in high school. Call me a loser. I'll own it.

I also started my first semester at MUW. NOTHING could have prepared for what I was about to encounter. Oh goodness. It was rough. It was the biggest slap in the face-EVER.
I also turned 21 this year! WHOOOO-HOOOOOO!
Im officially an adult. I can drink now. Yay.

September: I was still getting a beating from the SLP department. Haha. From attempting to wrap my brain around Phonetics to literally having no words to describe the hatred we were receiving from our teachers, I was seriously questioning my ability to do this. I left school crying every single day.
Let me just go off on a tanget for a second, but this semster I have heard NOTHING but negativity from my teachers. I have been told I needed to change my major because I wasn't smart enough. And that just pissed me off so, I worked my tail off just to prove to them I could do it. And I did.

October: Still taking a beating from school but by this point, I've made friends with a few girls in my class. I am SO thankful for these girls. They are the only reason I survived my first semester. TRUTH.

November: The semster from hell is almost over and school is about to kill us, literally. My life this semseter has been school and school alone. So, there's not really much to say.

December: Oh, yes. The time finally came for Christmas break . And words can't describe how ready I was to see it! Finals week consisted of literally NO sleep, LOTS of studying, and memories made with sweet friends. One of which moved away to Texas. Gonna miss her. :(
I went from finals straight home to prepare for the week ahead of me. I had surgery and then Christmas was here! What a break I've had! Nevertheless, I'm thankful.

Looking back on the year I've had, it has been one of life-lessons. And lots of them!
But, I'm thankful for another year and I'm looking forward to 2012!
Can't wait to see what it has in store!
I hope your year has been as much of a blessing as mine has!
Happy New Year!
peace and blessings.


Lauren said...

Woo hoo! You did your wrap up year blog before I did! It was wonderful!

Thanks for supporting all my newness this year! Your year in 2012 will be so much better. This is our year girl!

Amy said...

Boo for mean teachers and bad speech path programs. I think you will like *ours* much better! Best wishes for 2012, dear friend!

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